Poker Popularity and some new features

Online poker earned huge popularity in the beginning of the century when some of the big poker tournaments started being broadcasted on television, and immediately became a hit amongst the public. This meant that it was now not only the hard core gamblers who were interested in the game, but a massive amount of beginners started to play online.

This, of course, meant payday for the more experienced players who could take advantage of the beginner’s lack of skill, which also meant that some players earned huge amounts of money over the following years.

Now, about ten years later, poker remains popular but it’s no way near the same as it was in the beginning. Much of this depends on the fact that poker gained so much media-coverage, and became a worldwide hit and everybody wanted to try it. Of course, everyone is not going to keep playing for ten years, and as with every sensation, some people got tired and moved on to other things, while some kept on playing. These days, you can expect a higher level of skill amongst the tables, and not as many fishes to steal pot after pot from. You can find some of the best poker room with great starting bonuses at websites such as

However, for us who did stay in the game even after the initial boom, a lot of interesting features have started to pop up online among poker sites. The biggest one is probably the bad beat jackpot feature, which allows players to benefit from being unlucky!

Every poker player has at least once suffered a really unlucky draw and getting beaten by a hand when the odds were hugely in their favor. This is called a bad beat and, quite frankly, it sucks. It often causes a psychological blow to players and causes them to go on tilt, which means that they, in anger, start putting logic aside and start playing recklessly  in order to win back what they’ve just lost. You can learn more about bad beats in online poker at sites like as well as, which both regularly publish interesting blog posts on things regarding online poker playing.

Well, these days, bad beats might be just a memory. A lot of websites have started to offer bad beat jackpots, which basically rewards the players that get beaten badly. If a player with a really strong hand gets drawn out by a hand that is much worse, a jackpot will be awarded to the table, with the player that got beat gets the biggest share, followed by the winning hand which gets the next largest share, and then all the other players on the table who gets to share the rest of the jackpot.

Poker rooms have started to use this feature to create a friendlier vibe amongst their players as well as to promote more aggressive play, which makes the games more exciting. They fund the jackpots, which are progressive most of the time, by taking a small amount of the rake of each pot that is played on the poker client, and contributing it to a jackpot which is paid out everytime someone gets a really bad beat. The bad beats always comes with certain terms and conditions to decide which hands that will qualify for the jackpot, and which hands wont. Make sure to check websites such as for more info on bad beat jackpots, as well as poker online in general!

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